A young technology, but with huge, largely untapped, potential, expected to grow into a nearly $10 billion business within the next decade. It is gaining a stronger foothold within the manufacturing industry.


Main Benefits

    • reduces labour with a faster and more automated approach to producing composite parts that previously were handmade, since the entire process is driven by software and requires manual input only at the post-processing stage. 
    • allows rethinking the material choice for certain applications, allowing manufacturers to replace metal with durable, cheaper plastic
    • cuts costs thanks to the ability to streamline
    • helps circular economy and sustainability, thanks to the reuse of tool and recycling old parts
  • boosts competitiveness


YAM TECH is the among the first companies to employ 3D printing in the marine sector and among the very few in the world able to achieve big-size elements.

YAM TECH is building the World’s first fully-3D printed sailing boat, a Mini 650 Ocean Racer.

Full-scale 3D-printed longitudinal section of a Mini 650 hull, unveiled at K-2019 Trade Fair Dusseldorf.

YAM TECH’s 3D-printing technology enables the rapid, automated manufacturing of finished and semi-finished, big-size, low-thickness, lightweight components without the need for moulds.


Depicted here is the building of 2 sailing craft rudders, in less than 2 hours and with an overall weight of less than 2 kg.