YAM TECH srl is an innovative start-up, founded in June 2020 by Francesco Belvisi, Alessandro Buscemi and Antonio Mangiapane after a 10-years-long R&D journey in the world of Additive Manufacturing, high-performance materials, composites, robotics and diverse professional experiences. 


Today YAM TECH is addressing the market with a revolutionary technology which integrates robotics and additive manufacturing, counting upon proprietary hardware, software, patents

In particular, YAM TECH’s additive manufacturing proprietary technology is revolutionary when compared to the current methods and processes for the prototyping and manufacturing of components, parts, molds of composite materials as it manages to print big-size, structures of high-performance, obtained through a generative-design process and therefore fully optimised (organic structures).    


Thanks to this innovative, game-changing integrated system, YAM TECH is able to market rapid prototyping services, semi-finished products and innovative, custom recyclable molds. The main focus is on the marine sector, which presents big opportunities and margins also due to a delay in technological development, though YAM TECH’s technology has already scored successful applications in different industrial sectors (e.g. automotive) 


YAM TECH’’s goal is to progress constantly with the technological development, also through strategic partnerships with key players in the composite, robotics and software industries, in order to keep and extend the current first-mover advantage ultimately focusing on marketing the technology to manufacturers


Knowledge of the boating industry, processes, requirements, specs


10+ years of R&D, testing, development in additive manufacturing


The first to apply 3D printing in the boating industry


Team with variegated experiences with professionals coming from complementary backgrounds (engineering, maths, research, bizdev)


Active partnerships with top players across diverse industries