WHY A MINI 6,50?

Each racing boat is a concentrate of technology and, with its complexity and specs, represents one of the highest expressions in the combined application of design, technology, techniques & processes, materials.

The Mini 650 is:

  • the “lab-boat” by definition, the platform for development and first-time application of the most important innovations in the marine sector. A true experimentation playground for designers, builders and sailors. 
  • A benchmark for the entire marine industry (and others), which looks at the Mini 650 innovations with interest to apply them on bigger boats.
  • One of the most diffused racing boats in the world. 
  • Conceived for single and double-handed ocean races, needs to be reliable, fast, essential, easy to handle
  • Small enough to allow R&D at affordable costs.
  • A concrete project, comparable to other case-histories in Europe and able to draw attention and grab headlines.