About Us

YAM is a small company with significant expertise and know-how, a flexible and agile structure for quick and fully customized responses to client’s needs, always trying to stay ahead of the market.

Combining out-of-the-box thinking with a rigorous, analytical, research-based method, we solve problems and generate opportunities through creative, customized solutions which employ innovative technology and integrated systems.

Founded in 2008

Founded in 2008 for the design and construction of innovative sailing boats, in 2012 YAM started a constant and deep R&D process, partnering-up with important companies and Universities and launching internationally recognized projects as Livrea Yacht, Lancia 510, Ocore.

As first movers, we developed, engineered and master an integrated additive manufacturing system which combines generative design, robotics, software, material and temperature control, taking the rapid manufacturing of topologically optimized parts to a size never seen before.

With origins in the marine domain and its current focus on the boatbuilding sector, characterized by extreme complexity, YAM has learnt to respond to the bold, non-trivial challenges of boat design and construction. We know how to deal with high technical requirements, including structural performance, manufacturing process optimization and complex component interactions, which call for weight and often time-constrained solutions. That is why YAM is now capable of extending its approach and know-how across other industries, with confidence and proactiveness.

A dream seems like a dream until you start working on it. And then it may become something infinitely bigger.